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Doing Our Part, One Meal at a Time

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hungry partnered with municipalities and non-profits across the country to deliver over two million meals a month to seniors, children and those most vulnerable. Today, HUNGRY Last Mile has grown into a world class food delivery & logistics provider for clients in the prepared meals, meal kits, grocery, healthcare, education, fulfillment centers, subscription services, government relief and non-profit sectors.


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HUNGRY works with customers to help them grow nationally by supporting their last mile needs across the country.

HUNGRY has expanded with over 10 clients from single city to multi-city delivery, supporting revenue growth and client retention.

New York City

HUNGRY delivered over 1.5 million meals a month to at-risk seniors in all boroughs of NYC.

Miami, Florida

HUNGRY has expanded with 5+ current clients in Miami, FL , Orlando, Tampa and Naples to deliver high quality fresh and frozen meals.

San Francisco

HUNGRY works with local food banks to deliver meals, and fresh grocery to a population in need.


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